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UL Ranch

Home of Quality All-Around Performance Bred Horses
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Welcome to U L Ranch!


Home of Quality All-Around Performance Bred Horses


We are the First Class Horse Breeders Catering the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas Area and Other Neighboring States


Located in East Texas, U L Ranch assumes to produce foundation quarter horses and

paint horses with excellent equine pedigrees for performance and personal breeding purposes. We have foundation bloodline horses well bred to satisfy your fantasies watching a horse perform and exhibit athletic rodeo and show-ring skills.


Whether you are planning to make your ranch a breeding ground for performance horses or just want to own family horses for the fancy of watching them graze on your ranch, we have them all, all the sexes from stallions, mares, and fillies to colts, geldings, and some friends’ horses for sale. We want to afford you horses in good condition, always fit, mighty, groomed and capable of producing wonderful horses.


Our aim is to sell foundation bred quarter horses and stallions standing at stud to horse breeders and pony club clients in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and other neighboring states.


U L Ranch breeders ensure that paints and foundation quarter horses at stud produce comely bloodlines such as reiners, cutters, roping horses, among others. Our mares in our broodmare band and stallions standing at stud are all for sale, and we are proud to introduce our premiere stallion standing at stud Poco Jessie Ojos that is an easy hand breeder producing good-looking colts, fillies and a loud paint by one of our paint mares.


We value customer satisfaction, professionalism and integrity, adhere to our mission of selling only high-quality horses, and cater to the equine pleasures of dedicated horse breeders and pony club people who are mostly living on ranches in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and other areas across America.

Take a look at our Stallion, Mares, and Colts.

Poco Jessie Ojos, our stallion, is standing to outside mares for $300.00.
We pasture breed our mares.  Jessie is an easy hand breeder and has been collected.  Arrangements can be made to pasture breed, hand breed, or to ship semen.

These are our 2008 foals.  For a closer look check out the Colts and Fillies page.  Also, look at their mothers on the Mares page.

Visitors are welcome anytime.

Check out the other pages of this Website.  I'm sure you will see something you like.  We will have several more foals this spring as we have expanded our broodmare band. 
I, Mike Edgmon, was born and raised on a ranch in the Texas panhandle and grew up on a horse.  I learned that honesty and integrity gets you farther in life.  If I tell you a horse will or won't do something, you can bet that is the way it will be to the best of my knowledge.  In my younger days I playdayed, rodeoed, and showed in 4-H.  I qualified to the 1964 Texas State 4-H horseshow in barrels and poles.  I placed 11th out of 250+ in the class.  My mother, Darline Morris - 3 time World Champion Barrel Racer (NOTRA), rodeoed; trained; was a cowhand; and rancher.  My father was a ranch cowboy and an excellent horse trainer specializing in reining.  I grew up loving horses, especially the ones you could do whatever you were big enough to do on.  I broke, trained, and showed colts during the 80's and 90's in Arkansas.  I competed in reining, pleasure classes, speed events, cutting, and team penning.  Our family was active in the show and playday circuits in northwest Arkansas and southern Missouri.  I coached several young riders culminating in their qualifying and competing at the Arkansas State Horse Show, the largest open horse show in the world.  I enjoyed riding the rugged backtrails in the Ozarks.  I ran my mother's cow calf operation in New Mexico and the Texas panhandle during the 90's.  I moved my operation to East Texas in 2006 and continue to enjoy breaking, training, and competing.
Thank you for dropping by. Please enjoy the website and come back again or come on over. I'll show you some horses and offer you a cup of coffee.
UL Ranch
Mike and Debbi Edgmon
706 County Road 4249
Tenaha, TX 75974
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*Note: corrections to the map below:  The road labeled 4340 is actually 4249.  The road labeled 4249 has been closed.
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